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Our compact units create Kangen Water with a NEGATIVE ORP Rating of -600, which is 30 Times Stronger than Green Tea. That is over 60 times stronger than Vitamin C and 120 Times stronger than Vitamin E. This makes Kangen Water one of if not the Most powerful Antioxidants on Earth!  ORP is the free radical/anti-aging fighting power that penetrates at the cellular level.  This key element is what makes our product superior to other claims.  Bottled water does not have an ORP factor that is beneficial.  ORP does not have a long shelf life, therefore, it cannot be bottled and sold off the shelves at a store.  You need your own unit to easily convert your existing tap water and capitalize on this!  Check out our newest unit,the Platinum SD-501. 
The New Galvanic Body Spa! Order yours today! Visable results after the first use... amazing results in 30-60-90 days!! Tighten and tone your skin just about anywhere you need it with this new larger version of our original face galvanic spa!
Your Complete ageLOC Skin Care System for the face and body - inside and out!
B-Skinny Coffee™
Thermogenic Fat-Burning Coffee/Tea/Lattee The First Low Glycemic
Coffee Patent Ever Awarded
Switch from fat storing to fat burningPatented Hunger ControlLow Glycemic Balanced EnergyThermogenic Fat-BurningBuffered CaffeineCombats Stress-Related Eating
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